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Not All Double-Glazing Is Created Equal

Even if your existing windows are double-glazed, you might be surprised to learn it doesn’t necessarily guarantee they are energy efficient.

Minimum window energy ratings (WER) didn’t come into effect until 2002, where the minimum WER to meet Building Regulations in England was an E-rating. From 2010 to June 2022, the minimum WER was raised to a C-rating, and even now – following the latest changes in legislation – the minimum requirement is still only a B-rating. To put these energy ratings into perspective, a C-rated window loses up to 94% less heat than an E-rated window.

To this day, a lot of double-glazing installers only install doors and windows that meet minimum Building Regulation requirements. This tends to reduce your initial upfront cost (purchase price), but having windows and doors with lower energy ratings ultimately means keeping your heating system operating longer and spending more money on energy bills – not to mention generating more CO2.

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Why Buy truhouse. Double-Glazed Windows & Doors?

When choosing truhouse. as your double glazing installer in Evesham, you can benefit from the below:

Rated “Excellent”

Behind every installation is an experience that matters. Our customers have rated us “Excellent” on Trustpilot, the independent customer research specialist.

10-Year Guarantee

Our windows and doors are designed to stand the test of time – we’ll register your installation with FENSA and give you a 10-year guarantee to prove it.

Made in Britain

Our team are dedicated to supporting the UK economy and reinvesting in other British businesses. truhouse. manufacturers and suppliers are all local or family businesses where possible.

No Subcontracting

Fully employed, experienced and accountable installation teams trained to our exacting standards means no disruption, no damage, and no sub-par workmanship.

No Hard Sell

No sales staff or sales push – just a friendly customer service team and experienced technical surveyors who know their stuff and help you make the right choices.

No Haggle Pricing

With no commission, no bonuses, a fixed pricing structure, and no bogus offers or discount, you get our very best price first time, every time. No exceptions.

Energy-Efficient Double-Glazing Evesham

Here at truhouse, we’ve been installing A-rated double-glazed doors and windows in Evesham as standard since they’ve been available on the market, and calculations from the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) show that – along with giving your home a facelift – upgrading your lower rated windows and doors with truhouse. can continue to save you money year after year:

What Year Were Your Windows Installed? Minimum Window Energy Rating (WER) in England Predicted Energy Bill Savings When Upgrading to A-Rated Windows from truhouse. Predicted CO2 Savings When Upgrading to A-Rated Windows from truhouse.
Pre-2002 Unrated or a U-Value of 2.6 W/m2k Save £184.25 per year* Save 0.47 tonnes per year*
Between 2002-2010 E-Rated or a U-Value of 2.0 W/m2k Save £106.30 per year* Save 0.27 tonnes per year*
Between 2010-2022 C-Rated or a U-Value of 1.6 W/m2k Save £47.24 per year* Save 0.12 tonnes per year*

*Source: The Glass and Glazing Federation’s Energy Savings Calculator. Calculations are based on replacing double-glazed uPVC windows in a typical detached house with 23.7m2 of windows and gas central heating, with A-rated thermally-efficient windows.

Double-Glazed Windows Evesham

Are you looking to upgrade your existing windows? We have a wide range of energy-efficient windows to choose from in a variety of different colours, styles, materials and finishes

  • Windows designed and made-to-measure to your exact requirements
  • Decrease your energy bills and stay warm
  • 10-year guarantee on all windows

Double-Glazed Doors Evesham

Looking to upgrade your existing doors? We have a wide range of energy-efficient doors to choose from in a variety of different materials, styles, colours and finishes

  • All doors are made to measure to fit your requirements
  • Keep your home safe and secure from intruders
  • 10-year guarantee as standard
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Frequently Asked Double-Glazing Questions

There are a few different answers to this question, and it is vital to pay attention to which surface of the glass condensation forms on, as it’s location indicates the cause and points to the solution.

If you’re noticing condensation forming within the two panes of glass in your double-glazed unit (known as the cavity), then this is a visual indication that the seal has failed and the double-glazed unit will need to be replaced.

If you’re seeing condensation form on the room side surface of your glass, this would indicate high levels of moisture and inadequate ventilation in the room. There are different steps you can take to resolve this depending on the type of room (i.e. bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc.) and exact cause, but increasing ventilation is always helpful.

If you’ve recently had your windows or doors replaced and are now getting condensation on the external/outside surface of some of them (often described as a light misting or dew concentrated centrally on the glass) after a cold clear night, this is an indication that your windows and doors are incredibly energy-efficient and preventing heat loss from your home. This condensation is temporary, will clear fairly quickly, and won’t lead to any damp problems, so is nothing to be concerned about.

For a deep dive into how and why condensation occurs on certain surfaces, as well as some advice about reducing condensation based on where it’s occurring, please click here.

The lifespan of double-glazing can vary depending on several factors, including its composition, the quality of the installation, and how well looked after and maintained it is.

There are a few different signs that indicate it might be time to consider replacing your double-glazing:

Condensation within the cavity:

If you notice condensation forming between the glass panes, it indicates that the seal has failed and moisture is entering the space between the glass. This not only impairs the thermal efficiency but also affects the appearance of the glass due to the misting and clouding that occurs.

Damage or deterioration:

Physical damage, such as cracks, chips, or warping, can significantly impact the performance and appearance of double-glazing. If the damage is beyond repair or if you notice significant deterioration, replacement may be necessary.

Draughts or air leaks:

Over time, the seals around the windows can deteriorate, leading to draughts and air leaks. If you feel noticeable draughts coming through your windows or doors, especially when they are closed, it might be time to consider replacement.

Energy efficiency concerns:

Older double-glazed windows and doors don’t provide the same level of energy efficiency as newer models with their advances in technology. If you begin to notice a significant increase in your energy bills (that isn’t simply due to energy company price increases) or if your windows and doors are not effectively insulating your home, upgrading to more energy-efficient windows and doors can help reduce energy costs.

Noise reduction:

If you live in a noisy area and your current windows are not effectively reducing the outside noise, upgrading to windows with enhanced sound insulation properties can make a noticeable difference.

But it’s important to note that these are general guidelines. If you have concerns about the performance or appearance of your windows and doors, please do get in touch with your nearest truhouse. team today, and our friendly experts can assess your situation and provide tailored advice.

Unfortunately we don’t currently offer a standalone glass replacement service – we only replace windows and doors in their entirety.

The only exception to this is in the rare event that the glass in a window or door installed by truhouse. has failed under warranty.

Despite the fact that we don’t offer our own glass replacement service, your local truhouse. team may be able to recommend a reputable company in your area. Click here to find your nearest truhouse. team.

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