Tilt & turn windows

Tilt & Turn windows are a modern design that can be opened in two ways. In the ‘tilt’ position, the window is hinged at the bottom, so that it opens towards you from the top. In the ‘turn’ position, it operates from hinges at the side, opening like a normal window.

Tilt and turn window


Tilt & Turn Windows

Why should you choose this product?

Give you total freedom of choice when it comes to ventilation. You can either set them back on the tilt mechanism, creating just enough space to allow air to circulate or set the window to turn and throw it wide open if you want to give your room a good airing.

They are available in all shapes, sizes and types of finish. Frames can be uPVC, aluminium or timber.

Provides extra security and safety. The tilt setting provides ventilation without leaving a way in for unwanted visitors. At the same time, the turn setting means they can be opened very wide, quickly from the inside, providing an escape route in the event of an emergency.

They are extremely easy to clean inside and out without the need for external ladders.

How you live should determine the products you buy.

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