uPVC Doors

  • High durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Quick manufacture and installation
  • 35-year average life expectancy
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tru.ly Perfect uPVC Doors

uPVC doors, sometimes referred to as PVC-u doors, are door frames and panels made out of Polyvinyl Chloride plastic. It is the most widely used material for door frames and panels nowadays for very good reasons:


Rotting, warping, discolouration and arduous maintenance are a thing of the past with our market-leading, premium-grade materials.


Say goodbye to hefty heating bills and fold those winter jumpers away with airtight seals and A+ energy rating as standard. Save the planet whilst saving your wallet.

Noise Reduction

Get ready to sleep through the night with high-performance acoustic glazing that reduces traffic noise and blocks out that noisy neighbour (… you know the one).

Safe & Secure

Relax and let our multipoint locking system and added security claws take care of you and your property, so that you can take care of the things that matter most.

Why Buy a truhouse. uPVC Door?

No Haggle Pricing

With no commission, no bonuses, a fixed pricing structure, and no bogus offers or discount, you get our very best price first time, every time. No exceptions.

No Hard Sell

No sales staff or sales push – just a friendly customer service team and experienced technical surveyors who know their stuff and help you make the right choices.

No Subcontracting

Fully employed, experienced and accountable installation teams trained to our exacting standards means no disruption, no damage, and no sub-par workmanship.

Made in Britain

Our team are dedicated to supporting the UK economy and reinvesting in other British businesses. truhouse. manufacturers and suppliers are all local or family businesses where possible.

10-Year Guarantee

Our windows and doors are designed to stand the test of time – we’ll register your installation with FENSA and give you a 10-year guarantee to prove it.

Rated “Excellent”

Behind every installation is an experience that matters. Our customers have rated us “Excellent” on Trustpilot, the independent customer research specialist.

uPVC Doors – Tailored To You

The way you live isn’t one-size-fits-all, so why should your doors be? Choose from 3 door styles, 220+ colours, 2 finishes, a wide range of matching hardware, standard or decorative glass, double or triple glazing, any size and configuration. Your door, your way.

uPVC Door Colour & Finish Options

Whether you opt for french, front, or sliding patio uPVC doors, we offer a tru.ly extensive range of hard-wearing single or dual door colours and window finishes to meet your needs, spanning:

Please note: Colours may vary depending on the style of your uPVC door. Please filter through our colours below:

john fredericks colour range - agate grey on smooth white
Agate Grey Woodgrain Outside & Smooth White Inside
agate grey woodgrain ral 7038 on white woodgrain ral 9010
Agate Grey Woodgrain Outside & White Woodgrain Inside
k5 classic colour woodgrain
Any RAL K5 Classic Colour Woodgrain
balmoral woodgrain on white woodgrain
Balmoral Woodgrain Outside & White Woodgrain Inside
Black Woodgrain Outside & Smooth White Inside
black woodgrain on white woodgrain
Black Woodgrain Outside & White Woodgrain Inside
chartwell green woodgrain on smooth white
Chartwell Green Woodgrain Outside & Smooth White Inside
cherrywood woodgrain ral 8001
Cherrywood Woodgrain
cherrywood woodgrain on smooth white
Cherrywood Woodgrain Outside & Smooth White Inside
john fredericks colour range - dark grey woodgrain ral 7016
Dark Grey Woodgrain
dark grey woodgrain on smooth white
Dark Grey Woodgrain Outside & Smooth White Inside
dark grey woodgrain on white woodgrain
Dark Grey Woodgrain Outside & White Woodgrain Inside
grey woodgrain on smooth white
French Grey Woodgrain Outside & Smooth White Inside
french grey woodgrain on white woodgrain
French Grey Woodgrain Outside & White Woodgrain Inside
ice cream woodgrain ral 9001
Ice Cream Woodgrain
ice cream woodgrain on smooth white
Ice Cream Woodgrain Outside & Smooth White Inside
ice cream woodgrain on white woodgrain
Ice Cream Woodgrain Outside & White Woodgrain Inside
john fredericks colour range irish oak woodgrain ral 1001
Irish Oak Woodgrain
irish oak woodgrain on smooth white
Irish Oak Woodgrain Outside & Smooth White Inside
ivory woodgrain on white woodgrain
Ivory Woodgrain Outside & White Woodgrain Inside
light grey woodgrain on smooth white
Light Grey Woodgrain Outside & Smooth White Inside
rosewood woodgrain ral 8015
Rosewood Woodgrain
rosewood woodgrain on smooth white
Rosewood Woodgrain Outside & Smooth White Outside
rosewood woodgrain on white woodgrain
Rosewood Woodgrain Outside & White Woodgrain Outside
smooth dark grey ral 7016
Smooth Dark Grey
smooth dark grey on smooth white
Smooth Dark Grey Outside & Smooth White Inside
smooth white ral 9003
Smooth White
white woodgrain ral 9010
White Woodgrain

Already know what colour you’d like? Great! If not, our friendly experts can help identify the perfect door colour and finish for you! Whether you’re looking to complement your home’s brickwork or rendering, yours or your neighbours existing door units, or stand out from the crowd, we’re sure to have the perfect match for you.

uPVC Door Hardware Options

Door hardware, also commonly called door furniture or door fixtures and fittings, refers to the handles, pull knobs and bars, escutcheons, knockers, spyholes, and letterplates – all of which play an integral part in achieving your desired look and ensuring your uPVC doors operate effortlessly and stand up to decades of use.

From traditional to contemporary, our hardware comes in a variety of styles and colour finishes to complement your home’s architectural style and help achieve your home design goals, including:

Please note: Hardware options will vary depending on the style of your uPVC door. Filterable hardware options are coming soon.

Designed for superior functionality, all truhouse. hardware is made to last and resist fading and discolouration by sunlight, humidity, and other harsh environmental factors.

uPVC Door Glass & Glazing Options

In addition to clear glass, uPVC doors can be fitted with any one of 30 etched glass or textured glass designs, each offering varying levels of obscurity to meet your privacy or style needs.

Please note: Glass options may vary depending on your door style.

For a heritage feel, decorative glazing bars (leaded bars, Georgian bars, and astragal bars) can also be mounted to your door panes in a variety of different configurations.

All truhouse. uPVC doors are double-glazed and A+ rated as standard, with the option to upgrade to triple-glazing or apply additional lamination and surface coatings that help control the amount of light and heat entering and leaving your home.

Understanding and choosing the right glass and glazing options will help ensure you’re investing your money wisely in doors that will give you both the look and the energy efficiency you require. Let us know what you’re looking to achieve and our friendly experts will assess your environment, discuss options, and advise the best glazing solution for you.

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Why uPVC Doors?

uPVC doors are made from Polyvinyl Chloride plastic, the most widely used material for door frames and panels nowadays for very good reasons.

tru. quality

Why uPVC Doors?
  • uPVC can be manufactured very easily and affordably – it costs less to buy and less to install than other materials.
  •  uPVC has excellent insulating properties and so is very energy efficient.
  • Where other materials might be damaged by the weather, uPVC is incredibly tough and durable. It’s naturally waterproof and expands in the heat (so doesn’t crack).
  • Because of its durability, uPVC looks better for longer. It’s easy to clean and keeps the colour and doesn’t need repainting every few years, as with timber.
  •  uPVC can be used for doors of almost any size and style, including front doorsfrench doors, and sliding patio doors.
door security

Safety & Security

In addition to frame composition and glazing, door safety and security is largely dependent upon the locking and hinge mechanisms fitted.

tru. security

Safety & Security

Whichever style you choose, all truhouse. uPVC doors are composed of robust multichambered profiles and fitted with market-leading 3-star cylinder sold secure diamond locks as standard. Approved by locksmiths, the police (Secured by Design), and BSI ( TS007 3* grade 6), they are anti-snap, anti-pick and anti-drill. If an attack is detected, a hidden firing pin in the lock’s core engages to secure the central cam and prevent the unwelcome visitor from gaining entry to your home.

With each side of the door fully secured with the turn of a key, our uPVC doors ensure your home is protected against potential intruders.

upvc doors supplied and installed by truhouse.

Door Inspiration

See how doors from truhouse. can transform a home, spark new design ideas & imagine the possibilities. Take a look at our full installation gallery.

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window and door warranties and aftercare

Warranties & Aftercare

Our service doesn’t stop after installation. All products are registered with FENSA and carry a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind. We are here to support in the event you require our assistance.

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Finance & Funding

  • Low deposit and low interest or interest free credit
  • Flexible payments and term to suit you
  • No hidden costs, fees or penalties

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Other Door Styles

We have an extensive range of replacement door styles, materials, and customisation options to choose from. Explore our full range of replacement doors today and get in touch for a free quote.

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FENSA registration and 10-year guarantee for added peace of mind.

You tell us what you like and our friendly team of experts will guide you through our easy process.

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