Door glass and glazing

Whichever truhouse. door style and material you opt for, we offer a extensive range of glass and glazing bars to meet your needs, including:

  • Standard clear glass
  • 20 etched glass and textured glass designs spanning 5 different privacy levels
  • Leaded glass
  • Decorative astragal bars
  • Decorative Georgian bars

View a selection of our most popular door glass and glazing bar options below.

Etched and textured glass only with truhouse. doors

What is etched glass and textured glass?

Etched and textured glass are types of decorative and obscure glass that can be integrated seamlessly into your choice of double or triple glazing.

What is the purpose of etched glass and textured glass?

Typically used in front doors, back doors, and other areas requiring an additional level of privacy, the truhouse. range of etched and textured glass allows maximum light into your room, whilst obscuring and minimising the view that neighbours and passers-by get into your home.

What etched glass and textured glass design options do I have with my truhouse. doors?

From traditional to contemporary, our range of 20 high quality glass designs are not only functional and attractive, but also amongst the most established and trusted on the market.
All designs are on display in our Stonehouse showroom for you to see and feel.


Privacy level 1


Privacy level 1


Privacy level 2


Privacy level 2


Privacy level 2


Privacy level 2


Privacy level 3


Privacy level 3


Privacy level 3

Charcoal Sticks

Privacy level 4


Privacy level 4


Privacy level 4


Privacy level 4


Privacy level 4


Privacy level 4


Privacy level 4


Privacy level 5


Privacy level 5


Privacy level 5

Satin Optifloat

Privacy level 5

Glass privacy levels

Our etched and textured glass designs offer you 5 different levels of privacy on a scale, with 1 offering the least obscuration and 5 offering the greatest obscuration.

Which level of privacy is right for me?

Each different level is typically well-suited for a different purpose, with:

  • Privacy levels 1 and 2 ideal for use in porches, where you want a little privacy but also the ability to see who is on your doorstep.
  • Privacy level 3 ideal for use in rooms where you want to obscure confidential information or an unappealing external view.
  • Privacy levels 4 and 5 ideal for use in outhouses and home gyms, where you want the seclusion to go about your business in peace without compromising natural light.

But there are no rules and the choice is yours to make.
All 20 etched and textured glass designs spanning the 5 different privacy levels are on display in our Stonehouse showroom for you to see and experience.

Privacy level 0

No obscurity

Privacy level 1

Lowest obscurity

Privacy level 2

Low obscurity

Privacy level 3

Medium obscurity

Privacy level 4

High obscurity

Privacy level 5

Highest obscurity

Leaded glass only with truhouse. doors

What is leaded glass?

Leaded glass, also known as leaded lights or leadlights, is a historical style of glazed panel dating back to the Roman and Byzantine eras. Popularised in the 15th century, leaded glass doors traditionally comprised of small sections of cut glass joined together and supported by soldered lead cames (grooved bars of lead). Nowadays we achieve the same look a little differently.

What is the purpose of leaded glass?

Adhesive lead strips with an antique (oxidised) finish are bonded to the external surface of double or triple glazed door panes in your desired pattern, mimicking the appearance of genuine leaded doors whilst maintaining the thermal efficiency and security benefits derived from modern glazing.

What leaded glass options do I have with my truhouse. doors?

Almost any traditional or geometric lead pattern can be replicated, but the classic diamond/lattice shape (indicative of the Elizabethan era) and square shape (indicative of the Georgian era) remain particularly desirable with Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, and Wiltshire homeowners looking to maintain or accentuate period features in traditional homes, or exude elegance and charm in more modern homes. Whichever pattern you require, our experts will ensure that the design you choose flows from door to door or door to window with unbroken continuity.

Elizabethan leaded glass

Diamond / lattice pattern

Georgian leaded glass

Square / rectangular pattern

Queen Anne leaded glass

Combination geometric pattern

Astragal bars only with truhouse. doors

What is an astragal bar?

Astragal bars, also known as astrical bars, are bars that are fitted to the face of the glass (they sit proud of the glass) both externally and internally, in your desired grille design. Depending on your chosen door style and material, the astragal bars are surface mounted using full aluminium backing strips or duplex spacer bars, eliminating the risk of the bars warping, bending, or dropping, as they often can when fixed with standard adhesive.

What is the purpose of an astragal bar?

By visually separating a single pane of glass into different sections, astragal bars replicate the appearance of the muntin bars that hold glazing sections in place on authentic multi-paned period doors, whilst maintaining the energy efficiency benefits of modern glazing. In addition to giving a classic multiple pane effect to your doors, dividing the glass pane with astragal bars can also provide more privacy and enhance security by making it more difficult to force entry through your doors.

What astragal bar options do I have with my truhouse. doors?

Most popularly used to replace existing doors “like for like” and emulate traditional joinery styles with modern materials and modern glazing benefits, our range of color-matched astragal bars are available in 3 main shapes and widths, and can be installed in almost any pattern you wish to truly complement any architectural style, from contemporary to heritage.

Pencil astragal bar

Contemporary astragal bar

Ovolo astragal bar

Traditional astragal bar

Lamb’s tongue astragal bar

Heritage astragal bar

Georgian bars only with truhouse. doors

What are Georgian bars?

Georgian bars, also known as internal spacer bars and interbars, are bars that are attached to the spacer frame of your door and sealed between two pieces of glass, creating an image of glazing mullions and transoms within the sealed cavity unit. As Georgian bars are sandwiched between layers of glazing and are not prominent on the surface, the glass panes remain smooth and easy to clean. As fewer materials and less work is required to install Georgian bars, doors featuring Georgian bars are typically a little cheaper than those featuring astragal bars.

What is the purpose of Georgian bars?

Internal Georgian bars are generally the most cost-effective option for replicating the look and feel of a traditional Georgian multipane window within one energy-efficient frame. Well-suited to many different styles of property, they help preserve the character and aesthetic of a traditional home or instantly create the period look in a more modern home. As with astragal bars, certain Georgian bar designs can also provide enhanced protection from intruders and increased privacy, without limiting the level of natural light that can enter your home.

What Georgian bar options do I have with my truhouse. doors?

Whether you’re looking to recreate the pattern of your original doors and maintain your home’s authentic Georgian style, or add new personality and flair by designing your own door grille pattern, our experts can offer a wide range of standard and custom Georgian bar solutions to help achieve your vision, with different bar widths and colours to match your chosen door frames.

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