Bifolding doors

Bi-folding doors are the nation’s favourite for opening up large spaces. With so many combinations of arranging the opening of the doors, the choice is endless. We at tru. recommend a 3 piece bi-fold from 1950mm to 3000mm. Introduce more door sections for wider spaces.

Available in aluminium, a very hard wearing material with a thermal break in the frame, which is to stop the transfer of cold to the inside and reduces the risk of condensation on the metal.

bifolding doors


Bifolding Doors

Why should you choose this product?

Perfect solution to any large opening and great for entertaining!

Can be opened in or out & from the left or the right.

Has great flexibility of design and opening combinations, so they are suitable for any style of house whether traditional or contemporary.

Made from aluminium for strength & durability and available in any colour from the RAL chart.

Introduce more sections for wider spaces.

How you live should determine the products you buy.

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